Solomon Macintosh Munroe the 1st

The bounty huntin', high falutin' tinhorn ferner.


Munroe almost embodies the terms tinhorn and high falutin’. Yet despite his vocabulary and speech patterns, his clothing and weapons are very much of the ‘substance over style’ school of thought. Only his fussy moustache hints back to the officer he once was.


An ex-army officer who stayed in the west long after his service came to an end, Munroe found something in America that he lacked growing up in an emergant, so called ‘middle class’ family. Turning his life skills to bounty hunting, he has joined the ’ard boys group, and is slowly getting to know his new home.

Like many in the brave new world of Ghost Rock, he believes that there is a simple explanation for everything. A torched settlement is the result of savages, or deserters, not an undead hangin’ judge with a foul temper and ethereal irons. And there are new creatures being found in the West everyday, most of them with teeth and a similar temper to the aforementioned deadite judge…

…yet Munroe can’t ignore everything he hears. So far he has managed to come up with convincing (to him) explanations to some of the odder things he has witnessed, but it is anyones guess how long that can last.

On the other hand, and perhaps more important, there are people being murdered in town. Munroe may not have a clue about the supernatural, but he does have a badge, and a weapon.

Solomon Macintosh Munroe the 1st

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