Salvation 'Sal' Hood

The singing miracle worker.


Salvation Hood is an older man, a seasoned traveler with a few weeks worth of beard and keen eyes.

His clothing is worn but well cared for, and he carries few belongings into every new town he walks into; his guitar,knife, bible and his hickory walking stick.

Sal is a calm man, his voice even and strong, well suited to the occasional bible quotes he makes, but those who know him believe he holds to a closer personal relationship with the Almighty than spouting a few words at the misguided.


Salvation adopted his mother’s relationship with religion. Verity Hood was a flawed human being, kind and compassionate but weak when it came to men. Where her religion called for the turning of cheeks, Sal saw at an early age that some people need ‘guidance’, or the occasional blow to the head, to keep the Devil from working his tricks.

When his sister Charity was old enough to take care of herself Salvation left to join the Army. Although he doesn’t carry a weapon usually, it was here that he learned to fight, and on the recent occasions he has been forced to defend the innocent in a gunfight, he has been seen to be no slouch.

It was the death he saw, and caused, during the war that prompted him to reevaluate his place with the Almighty. He feels he has to make up for those lives he took, and so over the past few months has wandered the States trying to help people. He has fended off raiders, planted crops and, as much a surprise to him as anyone, healed an injured child during the winter. Her family, with no money to give, and sensing that Salvation wouldn’t accept anyway, gave him a guitar, the same one he carries today.

Sal speaks often of his family; his half-breed sister Charity, a school marm in Denver, who he occasionally sends money too. He also gets parcels of money sent to him, this money goes immediatly to a nearby church or orphanage. The money is sent by his older brother Judgement, a man who is described by the north and south as a mean, evil creature wearing the shape of a man. Sal smiles at this, and simply says that the Almighty created the wolf as well as the sheep.

Salvation 'Sal' Hood

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