• Bradley Long

    Bradley Long

    A Jovial, whip thin balding man who often wears Continental Suits
  • Gus


    A heavily built, clean shaven man, with a dark hat an mottled coat
  • Isidro Jorge Leandro Salcedo

    Isidro Jorge Leandro Salcedo

    A withered mexican whose tonsure still exists around his naturally bald pate
  • Lewis Hutchins

    Lewis Hutchins

    An obvious greenhorn, dresses for back east rather than trail riding
  • Ronald Hall

    Ronald Hall

    Vaguely effeminate, with a Euprean accent, wears a fez. Claims to have known Claytons Grandfather
  • Scott Dill

    Scott Dill

    A weather-worn mountain of a man, who still stays in close contact with his Ranger brothers.
  • Steven Brooks

    Steven Brooks

    A hardworn Kentucky CSA Major with rich, red hair and brow
  • Wolf Long

    Wolf Long

    A rather non-descript man who wears a top hat instead of the typical western hat.